Team Details -

Information we require from you

Teams are asked to provide the following information as soon as possible.  Please note it is your responsibility to make sure that this information is provided accurately. Please complete as soon as possible and advise us at the Premoot email address when this is done – the deadline is by 0900 GMT Monday 24 January 2023.


We may take pictures during the Pre-Moot (both during moots and in social times) and screenshots during virtual moots and online social times. By participating in the Pre-Moot you consent to such pictures and the subsequent use of such photos either on this site or by Fox Williams and / or CIArb in connection with promoting the Pre-Moot and otherwise.

Opposing team in Vienna / Hong Kong

If you know a team you are scheduled to be against in the ‘real’ Vis please ensure you are not against them in the Pre-Moot and advise us as soon as possible if that occurs.

Visa requirements:

If you have checked the box for a Visa (only applicable for ‘in-person’ years) we can provide you with an invitation letter, but please email the Premoot email address (one email per team) providing full names; date of birth; nationality; Document ID; and period of stay in the UK.

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