Fox Williams is an independent, progressive law firm located in the City of London. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and start-ups to household names and multinational companies.

We pride ourselves on our values, the work we do for our clients and the importance that we attach to our culture. Our focus is on delivering excellence to our clients in everything that we do.

Our international arbitration group helps clients in arbitration disputes arising from international trade and especially those involved in logistics, commodities, construction and engineering, mining, energy, joint ventures, M&A disputes, banking and finance, telecoms, and the sale and purchase of goods and services. We work with clients from all over the world and wherever the arbitrations are located. We also help clients who need the intervention of national courts in support of arbitration, whether that is the appointment of a tribunal, injunctions in aid of arbitration or the enforcement of an award.

The co-heads of our international arbitration group are Peter Ashford and Ben Giaretta.

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The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (“CIArb”) is an international centre of excellence for the practice and profession of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Its growing membership of over 17,000 is based across 149 countries and supported by an international network of 42 branches.

CIArb provides education and training for arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators.

It also acts as a global hub for practitioners, policy makers, academics and those in business, supporting the global promotion, facilitation and development of all ADR methods.

CIArb offers a range of resources including guidance, support, advice, networking and promotional opportunities, as well as facilities for hearings, meetings and other events.

It is a not-for-profit, UK registered charity.

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